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Living unveils collection

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The Magnificent Ships

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Video post

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Learn new creative skills

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Hello world!

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Aesthetic smile gives happiness

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Dentist and Prosthesis Expert Assistant Prof. Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu said that aesthetic smile gives happiness.

Dentist and Prosthesis Export Assistant Prof. Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu stated ” Aesthetic smile design is provided by bringing some restoration processes like tooth whitening or what we call as laminated tooth together. With the development of the technology in recent years, more natural, healthier and more aesthetic appearance can be obtained in the aesthetic dentistry with the teeth designed with the support of computer. Various choices are provided for the computer-assisted tooth design in accordance with the individuals and their needs.”

Stating that there are some factors that determine the aesthetic smile, Assistant Prof. Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu said “They are color of our teeth, how many of our teeth are seen when we smile, whether our gingiva is seen or not, harmony of our teeth with each other (like our teeth are on the front, back, short or long), and all these factors are important elements for the aesthetic smile design. Lips also have big importance in the aesthetic smile. It is preferred to have the smile design with harmony with the lips.”

Pay attention to the 4 stages in the smile design

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Assistant Prof. Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu warned about the stages to pay attention in the smile design.

Dentist and Prosthesis Expert Assistant Prof. Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu stated “Working principle of the Cerec Cad Cam system is to take digital and optical measurement of the prepared cavity or prepared tooth from the mouth. Design is done with a dedicated computer software, block is scraped off and sintered if needed.”

Kışlaoğlu listed the 4 stages to pay attention as follows:

“In the first stage, measurement is taken with an optical camera. The taken measure is transferred to the computer directly connected to the camera. In the second stage, the computer images are made three dimensional and after that, margins and contours are decided by the dentist, and a design is made in accordance with the tooth. The system can suggest a restoration that is similar to the current teeth of the patient with its biogeneric feature. The dentists can do the process within the framework of this suggestion, and they can also do the changes they want. Checking the contact points with the opposite tooth, virtual grinding, adding and change of contour can be done and intervals of contact points with the opposite teeth can be increased or decreased. In the third stage, the block selected with appropriate color and dimension after finishing the design. The block is milled with the lathe machine and the tooth form is obtained. The blocks used with the CEREC system can be glass ceramics reinforced with the feldspar and leucite, and they can also be porcelain ceramics that have high resistance like lithium disilicate and nano ceramics. In addition, CEREC system mills the zirconium infrastructure with the porcelain to be used over it together and made these two parts to be merged with each other. The fourth stage is to give the shape of prosthesis tooth, inlay or onlay filling, polish the porcelain, zirconium and materials, give color and glaze them. High tech ovens are used for this process. After taking digital measurements with CAD CAM system used in the clinics, design and production are done with the presence of the patient, and the process can be finished in a single session.

Mentioning that one of the advantages of the digital dentistry is the possibility of the aesthetic smile design, Kışlaoğlu said “Cerec system makes it possible to do whatever change wanted over the tooth made three dimensional with the help of a micro camera in accordance with the structure of individual’s face and mouth, and control the contact points with the opposite tooth, virtually grind add change contour, increase and decrease the interval of contacts with the opposite teeth.”

Kışlaoğlu stated “In addition, the possible images for the finished versions of the teeth obtained with this method are harmonized with the real face photograph, the dentists and individuals have the possibility of seeing the restoration to be freshly done. They can get information about the design of aesthetic smile to be got before the processes.”

Honorary Prize Given to Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu

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One of the deep-rooted universities of Bangkok and Thailand, Mahidol University invited Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu, dentist and prosthesis expert, from Turkey to make a speech about Digital Aesthetics Dentistry because of 50th year anniversary and opening of the digital dentistry department. 30 Deans of Dentistry Faculty from 30 countries of the world also participated in the opening.

Bangkok – Thailand Princess Sirindhor was also one of the most important people who attended in the ceremony. Receiving participation of 2000 people in total, the education was quite colorful and vivid.

Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu shared the methods he applied in dentistry, mechanism of the system and its advantages with all the participants.

Kışlaoğlu stated “In the CAD-CAM technology, the teeth prepared by the dentist are measured by taking photo (digital) with a camera connected to the PC, which is different from the traditional methods. Porcelain restorations are prepared based on the images obtained and the drawing prepared in the computer so as to be in the most appropriate shape for the mouth of the patients. The restorations are obtained from the porcelain blocks with the help of “lathe machine” in the system within a few minutes. By this way, we obtain the aesthetics restorations that are closest to the natural tooth and have a perfect harmony of edges within a short time period. After finishing the polishing procedures, the restorations are affixed to the teeth.”

Informing the participants with the point we have reached in the digital dentistry and his applications of aesthetic dentistry, Kışlaoğlu came back to Turkey with the honorary prize he received.