Smart Smile Design

“Smile is a signature not a stereotype…” I’ve been designing smiles for some of the best dentists and toughest patients for the last 20 years and if I didn’t understand this basic principle I would be in trouble.

I use tools that can guide me through the creative process of integrating smiles to faces and characters. Guidelines are just guidelines, not rules. I will show you smart protocols to help people solve problems with more predictability. Make good quality minimally invasive dentistry more democratic was always a dream for me. Helping people to do better! Fancy statements will not help people to deliver better dentistry.

The huge majority of lectures all over the world are focused on protocols that can only be applied by 5% of the dentists worldwide leaving 95% of the population without an answer. Before any treatment plan, we need to visualize well our final destination. Helping our eyes to see… Our brain to think… Our hands to create… Link the facial harmony to smile design was always a grey zone in dentistry. Dentists all over the world are treatment planning without having a good visual understanding of the facial-dental discrepancies.

We need to create better protocols for better dento-facial integration. I was tired of improvisation, lack of communication, unpredictability. I worked with great teams and we still had problems.

In my courses and lectures I always mention: Customization of smiles, Using digital and analog tools for the perfect smile makeover.