Smart Smile Design

The person can have a more vibrant, sporty, attractive appearance with an aesthetic smile.

In recent years, ” What is Smiling Design? ” was a matter of curiosity and talked about people of almost every age who had aesthetic anxiety.

”We will not have a second chance to have a a good look”.
For this reason, aesthetic smile has gained a great importance in our lives in recent years. Our teeth are one of the most important elements of aesthetic smile.

Smile design, aesthetic dentistry is made thanks to methods. These porcelain laminates may be in the form of crystal-supported or zirconium-supported coatings, with teeth bleaching, as well as small bonding systems, or a combination of all.

It is important that the dentist and the patient meet together and decide what is needed.

A new method has been developed in smile design in recent years. This smile design is a rehearsal method. Thanks to this method, the patient together with the aesthetic dentist together
it has become possible to place the smile with special candles.

There are many important elements in smile design.
These elements are; The shape of the face, the gender of the person, the age of the person, the person’s social position, the length of his hair is a very characteristic feature. Combining these characteristics and finding a suitable teeth face, the experience of the dentist is also proportional to the person’s desire. It is necessary to complete these steps without ignoring the wishes of the person but also taking into account the experience of the physician. Here, the aim is to have the patient and the physician at a common point.

It is possible to see your smile design without the help of smile design proofing method.

One of the mistakes that continues to be made today is that;
First the physician listens to the patient, the person says that ”I want a little longer teeth”.

The patient’s length can be different from doctor’s one. So, it is better to see and live in the mouth.

And as long as the patient wants, the long teeth are made to the effect of the patient and it affects many functions from talking to eating.

Therefore, it is very important not to ignore the fine balances in the mouth, to make the smile design, to consider the advice of the dentist and not to ignore the smile design proof.

You can have a more healthy and bright teeth with smile design. Teeth whitening, bonding, porcelain laminated tooth coverings, zirconium tooth, orthodontic treatment, gum aesthetic and implant dental treatment, many dental treatment methods include smile design.

Smile design, dentistry, aesthetics and art are applied together, to provide a special smile to the face. Our teeth are aligned with each other and the soft tissues surrounding them. The basic elements of a healthy, aesthetic and beautiful smile are our teeth, so having a comprehensive knowledge of the tooth shapes and anatomical features is the basis of all treatments. To get a better idea of ​​what a well-designed smile should be, the inner and outer edges of the facial contours should be examined. Facial features, gender, age, smile symmetry, order and colors of teeth, lips and gums are the factors that determine the aesthetic smile design.

The form of the teeth is determined by considering all these factors in smile design.
It is possible to look younger with smile design, erase the marks around the teeth and lips, and look more dynamic.
Along with smile design techniques, it is very important to apply the experience, skill and aesthetic art of the dentist.

The person can miss the aesthetic smile in a week or even a day thanks to bonding applications.

You can learn whole things about aesthetic smile design and techniques from your dentist.